Indexing Tabs Finds Information Easier

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Powerful Organization Solutions
Customized binders are a professional way for a company to increase audience by organizing pertinent company information. A binder is highly useful for businesses to distribute resources such as:
  • Presentation notes;
  • Catalogues;
  • Product information;
  • Training manuals; and
  • Promotional materials.
Since most of the information contained in company binders needs to be accessed quickly and easily, one of the simplest ways to organize important documents is through indexing tabs. Another benefit of custom index tabs is that they can be easily updated with the modifications that need to be made.
Put Yourself in the Reader's Shoes
Index dividers come in many varieties and types to allow quick access to various sections of binders and should be chosen for easy navigation. Prior to subdividing information, consider how others will access information. An efficient way to organize information is in the same way that the reader thinks about the subject. To think like the reader, some key questions to ask are:
  • What are the highlights of the information that will concern the readers?
  • What are the most and important parts that will grab the attention of the reader?
For example, if the audience is being introduced to the company, it may be appropriate to dedicate one section of the dividers to an overview of the business by presenting an overall corporate philosophy or mission statement. The following indexing tabs could be dedicated to each product or service that the company offers. If the binder contains financial information for investors, the first tab should describe the current year's sales and financial performance. The next index divider could be a comparison of previous years' financial information to show growth and progress. Other dividers should break down sales contributions to the bottom line by division or product line. Other suggestions for information organization include:
  • Chronological order – this method presents the facts in the order that they occur.
  • Problem/solution – this format begins with the first divider describing what the problem is and the last tab outlining the solution and the results achieved.
  • Priority – this system ranks recommendations, problems, concerns or issues, or other items from the most important to the least important.
  • Deductive order – this technique uses a theme for the binder which will generally capture the reader's interest.
One of the most general ways to organize information under each index tab is through a five-step sequence:
  • Executive summary;
  • Background of Company;
  • Products/Services;
  • Sales Information; and
  • Conclusions.
Whatever method chosen, there are many colours, sizes and effects such as hot foil stamping available to create the most helpful index dividers for the efficient reader..
Ready, Set, Index!
Effectively communicating main points to readers and giving them tools such as a table of contents will help them find the information they are looking for quickly. Index tabs and dividers are some of the most important tools for better organization and quick information retrieval. Make presentation materials easier to read and more organized for the audience with indexing tabs!